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Affordable housing news 3/17/17

Posted by NMA on Mar 17, 2017 4:13:56 PM

CBPP: 3 out of 4 at-risk renters don't get housing assistance

The HUDdle: New study shows why all public housing should be smoke-free

NCSHA: FY 2018 budget blueprint proposes deep cuts to HUD, elimination of HOME

Next City: Investment in affordable housing has ripple effect

NHC: Digging deep into who struggles to afford housing in your region

NLIHC: Register for March 20 webinar on opposing HUD funding cuts

Urban Wire: Improving the lives of kids in public housing

Topics: budget cuts, CDBG, HOME, indoor air quality, LIHTC

Affordable housing news 2/3/17

Posted by NMA on Feb 3, 2017 3:46:54 PM

CBPP: Every state will likely lose housing vouchers, unless Congress boosts funding

CHA: 2017 Moving to Work annual plan approved by HUD

CityLab: Fair housing faces an uncertain fate

CityLab (via Planetizen): This start-up takes (some) of the hassle out of renting

Homelessness Law: Communities count people experiencing homelessness

Minnesota Star-Tribune: Renters become homeowners through public housing program

Next City: How tax promises could affect the LIHTC program

Next City: New York public housing steps up on climate change

NHC: Appropriations will be messy, again

NLIHC: Affordable housing and transportation programs threatened by severe cuts

NLIHC: New blog series on affordable housing as infrastructure

Rooflines: AFFH: Moving the debate from concept to practice

Topics: appropriations, budget cuts, fair housing, LIHTC, MTW

Leasing Strategies: Maximizing Agency Performance

Posted by BEMuser on Sep 14, 2015 8:46:51 AM

With an exceptional knowledge of HUD regulations and longstanding expertise in providing a wide range of technical assistance, management training, and on-site expertise, NMA senior trainer and consultant Cydney Jones recently headed operations for NMA’s contract with one of the largest public housing authorities in the country. Cydney will be presenting the following session at the 2015 NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference.

Executive Leadership for Performance Excellence

Leasing Strategies: Maximizing Agency Performance
Presenter, Cydney Jones

Is your agency making the most of ever-shrinking resources? In this session, you will learn strategies and best practices to monitor and maintain leasing to maximize HUD budget authority and administrative fees in both the HCV and public housing programs. We'll discuss how to improve performance with a focus on proven strategies that empower housing authorities to house needy families efficiently and effectively.

Cydney and other industry experts will be available for limited free one-hour consulting sessions at the 2015 NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference. Registered participants can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis now. Register online or email for more information.

Topics: budget cuts, HCV utilization, occupancy, The Housing Conference

NLIHC invites PHAs to sign letter supporting housing funding

Posted by BEMuser on Mar 5, 2015 3:00:26 PM

The National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) is urging national, state, and local housing organizations to sign a letter supporting funding for the House and Senate subcommittees on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Related Agencies (THUD).

The letter is addressed to the House and Senate chairs and ranking members of the appropriations committees. It encourages them to increase the funding allocation to the THUD subcommittee to the highest possible level in fiscal year (FY) 2016. As the letter explains:

The THUD allocation uniquely promotes the well-being of our communities by providing essential capital and program funding that enables public and private partners to build critical transportation infrastructure, spur economic development in communities, and help more than five million seniors, people with disabilities, and other families afford stable and safe housing. Through these investments, Congress supports small-business job creation, expands our nation’s infrastructure capacity, encourages economic recovery and growth, reduces homelessness and housing instability, and promotes lasting community and family economic success.

The challenging fiscal environment makes the social and economic returns provided through the THUD allocation more crucial than ever. The THUD allocation should be a top priority. In recent years, however, investments made possible by the THUD allocation have been cut sharply. Since FY 2010, budget cuts and sequestration have reduced the THUD allocation by over 25 percent. These cuts have been forced on communities at a far greater rate than their ability to absorb, and the consequences are alarmingly clear.

If you wish to sign the letter supporting the legislation, you may do so here. NLIHC has set a deadline of Friday, March 13, for signatures.

Topics: appropriations, budget cuts, seniors and elderly, sequestration

Friday news roundup 1/9/15

Posted by BEMuser on Jan 9, 2015 12:11:53 PM

CityLab: The cycle of chronic homelessness

CityLab: Why the poor are struggling in America's suburbs

Housing Finance: Developing critical housing for veterans

MetroTrends: Edward Brooke's legacy and the future of fair housing

NPR: Remembering the residents of 20th century public housing

NPR: The grocery delivery man who brings joy to a housing complex

NYU Furman Center: Balancing investments in people and place

Rooflines: Is the mere avoidance of funding cuts really a victory?

Rooflines: There's really no argument against disparate impact

Topics: budget cuts, fair housing, veterans

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