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Community Development and Housing News: June 24, 2024

HUD extends the implementation deadline for NSPIRE-V, delays HIP implementation with potential implications for HOTMA dates, and more.

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HUD Delays Implementation of NSPIRE-V Until October 2025

In a letter sent to PHAs, HUD announced it has extended the compliance date for NSPIRE for the HCV and PBV programs until October 1, 2025. In the coming weeks, PIH will reissue its NSPIRE-V notice with updated information and HUD will announce it in the Federal Register. Read more


HUD Delays HIP Implementation

The schedule for implementing the new Housing Information Portal to replace IMS/PIC will be revised in the coming weeks. Critical dates will be extended. HUD is also discussing the feasibility of delaying the compliance date for sections 102 and 104 of HOTMA in part to allow for HOTMA-compliant 50058 forms to be developed in HIP. Read more


HUD Posts Guide on Effective Use of EHV Services Fees

A new document posted to the HUD Exchange Resource Library centralizes the guidance about the use of Emergency Housing Voucher services fees, including eligible uses and best practices for maximizing outcomes for EHV households. Read more


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