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Community Development and Housing News: February 7, 2024

HUD issues updates and guidance on HOTMA implementation, income exclusions, IMS/PIC development submodule reporting, and using funds for LEP requirements.

Recent News

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HUD Updates Implementation Guidance on Sections 102 and 104 of HOTMA

A newly updated version of Notice PIH 2023-27, originally published in September, includes an updated Attachment A addressing asset limitations, as well as technical corrections and clarifications throughout the notice. Changes from the previous version are listed in Section 2.1. Read more


HUD Updates List of Federally Mandated Income Exclusions

A notice in the Federal Register updates the list of income and asset sources required by law to be excluded from consideration in determining HUD program eligibility or benefits. The notice, which replaces a version published in 2014, adds four new income exclusions, in addition to changes to existing exclusions. Read more


HUD Relief from Requirements to Assist with Disaster Recovery

Through a notice in the Federal Register, HUD has announced an expedited process for PHA requests to waive regulatory or administrative requirements during presidentially declared disasters. The waivers and flexibilities established in the notice are effective through December 31, 2025. Read more

PIH Issues Notice on IMS/PIC Development Submodule Reporting

Notice PIH 2024-03 applies to PHAs with public housing programs and is meant to ensure accurate, timely, and reliable unit designation submissions in the IMS/PIC development submodule. The notice provides detailed guidance on the unit tenant status categories and subcategories. Read more


HUD Issues Guidance on Eligible Uses of Funds for Meeting LEP Requirements 

Notice PIH 2024-04 provides guidance on making public housing and HCV programs accessible for participants with limited English proficiency, and specifically clarifies information on eligible uses of funds for this purpose. Read more



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