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Community Development and Housing News: July 10, 2023

HUD publishes the two final core subordinate publications for NSPIRE implementation. Additionally, HUD PIH issues notices on emergency housing vouchers and PBV subsidy layering reviews.

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HUD Publishes Final NSPIRE Scoring Notice

The final scoring notice for HUD’s new inspections model was published Friday in the Federal Register. There are two significant changes from the proposed scoring notice: Letter grades have been dropped in favor of the 0-100 point scale, and each deficiency cited will only result in point deduction once per inspectable area, even if the deficiency is cited multiple times. Read notice


HUD Issues NSPIRE Administrative Procedures Implementation Notice

Notice PIH 2023-16 covers the NSPIRE process and operational requirements for public housing and multifamily programs, including policies and procedures for properties, submitting technical reviews and evidence of deficiency correction, and other administrative matters. Read notice


PIH Issues Guidance on Requesting PBV SLRs

Notice PIH 2023-15 provides instructions for submitting requests for subsidy layering reviews to HUD when either the PHA has requested that HUD perform the SLR, or there are no participating housing credit agencies available to perform the SLR. Read notice


PIH Issues Notice on EHVs

Notice PIH 2023-14 details the restriction prohibiting the reissuance of turnover emergency housing vouchers after September 30, 2023; provides new guidance for EHVs shortfalls; and amends the requirements under which a PHA can receive an adjustment to EHV renewal funding during the year. Read notice


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