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Community Development and Housing News: July 8, 2024

HUD revises HAP set-aside shortfall funding, officially rescinds the HIP implementation notice and extends the HOTMA compliance deadline for HCV and PBV, and provides resources to support the LGBTQI+ community.

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HUD Revises HAP Set-Aside Shortfall Funding Requirements

Notice PIH 2024-21 establishes additional eligibility requirements for PHAs seeking 2024 shortfall funding, including stricter limitations on voucher issuance. Read more


PIH Rescinds HIP Implementation Notice

Notice PIH 2024-22 rescinds the Housing Information Portal implementation notice, following up on a recent letter to PHA executive directors in which HUD announced its intention to delay the transition to HIP. Read more


Notice Delaying Implementation of NSPIRE-V Published in Federal Register

The NSPIRE compliance date for HCV and PBV programs is extended until October 1, 2025, as announced in a letter to PHAs and now published in the Federal Register. The NSPIRE standards for installing carbon monoxide devices and smoke alarms will still apply. Read more


HUD Launches New Resources and Research to Support LGBTQI+ Americans During Pride Month

A press release from HUD shares steps HUD has taken this June to protect LGBTQI+ people. These actions include an article identifying barriers the LGBTQI+ community faces when accessing shelter and stable housing; another article discussing ways to gather and safeguard data to support LGBTQI+ people; and a new website consolidating resources for the community. Read more


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