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Community Development and Housing News: March 20, 2023

HUD releases PIH Notices on foster youth and HOTMA, restores the “Discriminatory Effects” rule, issues a Federal Register notice on PBV subsidy layering reviews, and makes corrections to the new HOTMA final rule; a new study on cardiovascular illness identifies housing instability as a contributing risk factor.

Recent News


HUD Issues Notice on Foster Youth to Independence Initiative

Notice PIH 2023-04, which supersedes Notice PIH 2021-26, explains the eligibility and application requirements for FYI voucher funding and how applications will be processed. Read notice


HUD Issues Supplemental Guidance on Over-Income Limit under HOTMA

Notice PIH 2023-03, which replaces Notice PIH 2019-11, addresses the new limitations on continued occupancy in public housing for over-income families, providing new guidance on setting rents for over-income families remaining in public housing units. Read notice


HUD Restores “Discriminatory Effects” Rule

HUD has submitted to the Federal Register a final rule that rescinds the 2020 rule governing disparate impact claims. The 2020 rule never went into effect; the 2013 discriminatory effects rule remains in effect. Read article


PIH Issues Notice on PBV Subsidy Layering Reviews

New administrative guidelines published in the Federal Register provide transparency on HUD’s expectations regarding cash flow, debt coverage ratios, net operating income, and operating expense trending requirements. Additionally, the notice expands guidance related to expense coverage rations and allows the delegation of subsidy layering reviews to housing credit agencies when PBV assistance is combined with other government assistance. Read article


HUD Publishes Correction to HOTMA Final Rule

On February 28 in the Federal Register, HUD published corrections to some definitions listed in amendatory instruction 10 for section 5.603. Definitions were added for “day laborer,” “foster adult,” “foster child,” “health and medical care expenses,” “independent contractor,” “minor,” and “seasonal worker.” Definitions for “dependent, “net family assets,” and “responsible entity” were revised. Read article


Housing Instability Identified as Social Determinant of Heart Disease in New Study

A recent study in the Journal of the American Heart Association identifies housing instability as a risk factor for heart disease. The study, titled “Social Determinants of Cardiovascular Health: A Longitudinal Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in US Counties from 2009 to 2018,” tracked trends in cardiovascular disease across more than 3,000 counties. NLIHC reports on the study. Read article

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