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Affordable housing news 11/4/16

Posted by NMA on Nov 4, 2016 4:42:53 PM

CBPP: Gap between rents and renter incomes grew in 2015

CBPP: Major study shows vouchers are most effective tool for helping homeless families

CBPP: Renters' tax credit would reduce housing cost burdens

Next City: Crunching the numbers on a $76B tax credit for renters

Next City: How Baltimore's promising vacant properties program is working

Rooflines: Housing doesn't filter, neighborhoods do

Topics: reclaiming vacant properties

Affordable housing news 10/28/16

Posted by NMA on Oct 28, 2016 4:51:36 PM

Bloomberg: The difficulty of building new housing is getting to be a national crisis

FiveThirtyEight: Why so many poor Americans don't get help paying for housing

How Housing Matters: Momentum grows for housing as health care

The HUDdle: Putting a human face to homeless data

Los Angeles Review of Books: An opportunity to rethink housing policy

NLIHC: DOJ says landlords can't use overly broad generalizations when screening

Propublica: Is Facebook violating the federal Fair Housing Act?

Rooflines: Optimism and space: The Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference

Rooflines: Renters declare a national state of emergency

Urban Wire: Moving to Work expansion provides an opportunity to test new models

Urban Wire: Using cash transfers to expand housing choice

Washington Post: Challenging the cultural consensus on public housing

Topics: criminal records, fair housing, MTW, reclaiming vacant properties

Affordable housing news 6/3/16

Posted by NMA on Jun 3, 2016 3:22:02 PM

Center for Community Progress: Vacant Home Tour changes the conversation around vacancy

CityLab: Rental housing assistance for poor families with children is evaporating

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: Affordability pressures for renter households continue to build

Los Angeles Times: Subsidized rent, but nowhere to go: Vouchers go unused

Next City: Ohio cities bring high-tech tools to the fight against blight

Planetizen: Housing crisis leads to renewed support for rent control

Rooflines: There's still an affordable housing crisis, and it only seems to be getting worse

Topics: reclaiming vacant properties

Affordable housing news 4/29/16

Posted by NMA on Apr 29, 2016 1:00:20 PM

This week HUD announced that it will establish a federal advisory committee for the Moving to Work (MTW) program. The committee will advise HUD on specific policy proposals and methods of research and evaluation for expansion of the MTW demonstration. HUD published a request for policy proposals and evaluation methods for the expansion on April 4.

Establishment of the advisory committee is required under the 2016 appropriations bill, which authorizes HUD to expand the MTW demonstration by an additional 100 public housing authorities over seven years. According to today’s notice, the committee will have up to 14 members appointed by the HUD Secretary.

Comments on the notice are due by May 26, 2016. In other news:

Brookings: Examining multidimensional poverty Residents of New York City public housing speak out about how important affordable housing is for them

NLIHC: People with criminal records should get a fair chance at housing

Urban Institute: Lessons from Memphis's collaborative campaign against blight

Topics: appropriations, criminal records, MTW, reclaiming vacant properties

Affordable housing news 2/19/16

Posted by NMA on Feb 19, 2016 2:26:22 PM

CBPP: HOTMA would build on effectiveness of rental assistance

Center for Community Progress: In a nationwide Valentine’s Day “Public Display of Affection,” people shared their love for revitalized vacant places

CityLab: High-speed internet launches in Kansas City public housing

NeighborWorks: 6 tips for improving community safety

New York Times (via CSSP): The longevity gap between high-income and low-income Americans has widened sharply

Next City: Planning for a public housing teardown in Louisville

NHC: Increase in working renter households impacts rental markets, pushing rents ever higher

NLIHC: Diane Yentel to be new president of National Low-Income Housing Coalition

Trulia (via Planetizen): How many homeowners became renters during the Great Recession?

Urban Wire: Evaluating Hillary Clinton's plan to connect housing to opportunity

Topics: HOTMA, reclaiming vacant properties

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