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Community Development and Housing News: April 15, 2024

HUD issues PIH Notice on TAR scoring for 2023, a final rule to remove criminal conviction restrictions for fair housing testers, a proposed rule on reducing barriers to assisted housing, and AAFs for certain Section 8 contract rents (non-HCV); new research examines the impact of new construction on low-income renters in California.

Recent News

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PIH Issues Notice Extending Adjustments to TAR Scoring Methodology

Notice PIH 2024-09 extends the temporary revision to scoring methodology for the Tenant Accounts Receivable sub-indicator under the MASS indicator for 2023 PHAS assessments. The extension addresses challenges PHAs are facing with TAR; per this notice, HUD intends to return to the regular scoring methodology for TAR for PHAs with fiscal years ending in 2024. Read more


HUD Issues Final Rule to Remove Criminal Conviction Restrictions for Fair Housing Testers

A new rule titled “Expanding the Fair Housing Testing Pool for FHIP and FHAP Funded Entities,” released in the Federal Register, eliminates restrictions that bar Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP) grantees and Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP) agencies from using fair housing testers with prior felony convictions or crimes involving fraud or perjury. Read more


HUD Issues Proposed Rule on Reducing Barriers to HUD-Assisted Housing

A proposed rule published in the Federal Register would revise existing PIH program regulations governing admission, eviction, and termination of assistance for applicants who have criminal records, have been involved with the criminal justice system, or use illegal drugs. Revisions would require PHAs to consider multiple sources of information to minimize unnecessary exclusions from housing programs while maintaining safe communities. Comments are due by June 10. Read more


HUD Publishes Annual Adjustment Factors for Section 8 Contract Rents

A notice in the Federal Register explains the 2024 annual adjustment factors (AAFs) for Section 8 contract rents, applicable to the new construction, substantial rehabilitation, and moderate rehabilitation programs, as well as the loan management set-aside and property distribution programs. The notice describes determining factors and when AAFs can be used. Instructions to find and determine the appropriate contract rent AAFs are available in section IV of the notice. Read more


New Research Sheds Light on Impact of New Construction on Mobility of Low-Income Renters

A study published in the Journal of the American Planning Association examines how housing development in Los Angeles and San Francisco affected displacement and exclusion over five years. The research suggests that new development, while often beneficial, isn’t sufficient to solve these problems for low-income renters. NLIHC reports on the study. Read more


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