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Community Development and Housing News: December 6, 2021

HUD releases new guidance on CARES Act waivers, FAQs for PHAs on the COVID-19 vaccine, an EHV data dashboard, and more.

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HUD Publishes Guidance on Navigating CARES Act Waiver Expiration

This new webpage offers a collection of guidance documents on the forthcoming expiration of CARES Act waivers. Each document provides direction to ensure compliance in a specific aspect of PHA operations, addressing verification, inspections, occupancy policies, and other topics. Read article


HUD Posts FAQs for PHAs on Federal Vaccine Requirements

Last week, HUD made available an FAQ about the recent executive orders and OSHA ETS establishing workplace requirements for COVID-19 safety and vaccination. The four questions answered are whether PHAs: 1.) are considered a federal contractor for purposes of the vaccine mandate (it depends on the programs administrated by the PHA); 2.) can require residents to be vaccinated (they cannot); 3.) will be subject to the OSHA employer mandate if they employ more than 100 people (it’s likely); and 4.) can choose to implement a vaccine mandate if not subject to the OSHA ETS (resources are provided). Read article


HUD Creates EHV Data Dashboard

The new EHV Dashboard provides daily updates on leasing, issuances, and unit utilization for the EHV program, as well as data on voucher awards and funding by PHA. Users can view data at the national, network, region, field office, state, or PHA level. HUD explains how to access and use the dashboard in a document titled “EHV Data Dashboard User Guide and Data Dictionary,” which also provides an explanation of the terms, tables, and charts. Read article


HUD Makes Additional $5.7 Million in American Rescue Plan Funds Available to Fight Housing Discrimination Related to the Coronavirus Pandemic

HUD makes available an additional $5,757,663 in a second round of ARP funding to address the unequal impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on vulnerable communities. Organizations that qualify for the funding may use the money to conduct a range of fair housing enforcement, education, and outreach activities. Applications for these funds must be received by Thursday, December 30, 2021. Read article


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