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Community development and housing news: March 15, 2021

HUD awarded more than $652 million to Native American communities, Marcia Fudge was sworn in as Secretary of HUD, data on housing credit tenant characteristics was published on March 2.

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HUD awarded more than $652 million to Native American communities to support the development and operation of low-income housing

More than 600 tribes and villages received funding for affordable housing activities, such as housing development, crime prevention and safety, and housing services to eligible families and individuals. Read more


Marcia Fudge was sworn in as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

On Wednesday, March 10, Marcia Fudge was officially sworn in as secretary. In a video remark, Fudge stated, "I am proud to join a group of public servants who work with compassion and determination to change the lives of those in need. And I can’t wait to get started." Read more


HUD published data on housing credit tenant characteristics

The document covers demographic data on tenants living in Housing Credit properties and is collected annually from state Housing Credit allocating agencies. The data includes details on tenant race, ethnicity, family composition, age, income, use of rental assistance, disability status, and monthly rent burden. Read more


HUD Exchange posted the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Monthly Performance Reports

The newest report includes 2008 Grants Targeted for Closeout, CDBG-DR Affordable Rental Housing Expenditures, Disaster Recovery Enhancement Fund Expenditures, and CDBG-DR Grant Expenditure Report. Read more


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Homeless people exposed to coronavirus were put in hotels. For hospitals, the move paid off

Workers in San Francisco provided temporary hotel rooms to unhoused people with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. This move helped reduce the burden hospitals faced by allowing more space for seriously ill patients. Read more


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