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Q&A: Where are the HUD letters to EDs?

hands-raised.jpgQUESTION    Recently I saw a reference to a "letter to executive directors" from HUD. I am the ED in my agency and I never received this letter. Are they talking about a paper letter? Where can I find letters to EDs on HUD’s website?

ANSWER    In the past couple of years, HUD has issued several important pieces of guidance in the format of letters to executive directors. Some of the notices contain implementation requirements for new rules or policies (for example, a September letter added 30 days to the portability billing deadline for the HCV program). The HUD letters are transmitted via email and usually they are not posted to HUD’s website.

Some recent examples of letters to executive directors include:

So where does HUD get email addresses for PHA executive directors? The addresses are pulled from the HA Profiles module in HUD’s Inventory Management System/Public and Indian Housing Information Center (IMS/PIC). The contact information is entered by PHA staff and must be updated as needed. The HA Profiles page includes links to a "walkthrough" guide for using the module and a set of frequently asked questions.

If your agency is not receiving these important emails from HUD, there could be several reasons:

  • The email address in HA Profiles no longer exists
  • The email address exists but an employee has left and no one is checking his or her email
  • The email inbox is full
  • The emails are being intercepted by a firewall or anti-spam program

We recommend that you first check the information in the HA Profiles module to make sure that the email address under the Contact tab is current. Next verify that the email inbox can receive mail, and finally, check the settings for your anti-spam software.

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