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A note about community service and students

community service and studentsIn yesterday's Q&A about community service and students, we pointed out that part-time or full-time students residing in public housing are not exempt from the community service and self-sufficiency requirement (CSSR). Students may, however, be in compliance with the CSSR by performing at least 8 hours per month of self-sufficiency activities. We also advised that such students should be reported as “in compliance” on Form HUD-50058 rather than reported as “exempt.”

A PIH Alert subscriber has brought to our attention the fact that the PIC system will reject a 50058 form where a family member is coded as a full-time student on line 3h and is coded as anything but exempt from the CSSR on line 3q. While this conflicts with the controlling regulations and with Notice PIH 2015-12, it appears that PIC will not currently accept the correct classification for full-time students. We’ll report the error to HUD, and meanwhile PHAs will need to submit Forms 50058 in a manner that will be accepted by PIC.

Thanks to Ohio subscriber Ratico Lake for pointing out the issue.

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