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Community development and housing news: July 6, 2020

Posted by NMA on Jul 6, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Florida will give $120 million to families in affordable housing, Portland opened a 203-unit affordable community, Santa Barbara's Housing Authority is working on a 29-unit housing project, and more.

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Florida will give out $240 million in Federal CARES Act funds

$120 million of the funds will go to families living in affordable housing units. These funds will help cover rent from July through December. There is also the option of applying the money to rent from April to June this year. Read more



Portland, OR has opened a 203-unit affordable community

The unit will feature a mix of studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. 90 units will go to households earning 0 to 30% of the Median Family Income. 70 units will come with housing choice vouchers, and 10 units will go to homeless veterans under the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program. The rest of the units will go to families earning up to 60% of MFI. Read more


Santa Barbara's Housing Authority is moving forward with its 29-unit housing project

The building will house formerly homeless individuals and provide wrap-around supportive services. A $2 million loan from the Housing Asset Fund was approved by the city's Finance Committee to help pay for the property. Read more


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Microshelters offer longer-term solution for homeless in COVID-19 response

"The City of Eugene is looking into "microsites" as a new way to provide temporary shelter to homeless during the pandemic.

This in response to the coronavirus's effect on the area's housing crisis as a way to offer stability and support for the homeless community." Read more


Can we seize the moment to make progress on homelessness?

"The resources provided through the CARES Act present us with an opportunity: to protect people experiencing homelessness from the virus, stop community spread, and get people into housing and attached to services so that they are well-situated for the recovery. This can leave us with a more strategic and housing-focused homeless system in place. To achieve this will be difficult, but we are compelled to try." Read more


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