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Community Development and Housing News: January 23, 2024

HUD announces Section 8 income limit changes, combines IMS-PIC with HIP, and announces the winner of the HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Healthy Homes.

Recent News

HUD Headquarters (Robert C. Weaver Federal Building)

HUD Announces Changes to the Calculation of Section 8 Income Limits

A notice in the Federal Register announces a change to the criteria for determining the maximum allowed increase in income limits for the Section 8 program. Going forward, HUD intends to set this limit at 5 percent or twice the change in national median family income, whichever is higher, with a cap of 10 percent. Read more


HUD Publishes Notice of Modified System of Records

A notice in the Federal Register amends and replaces the current Inventory Management System/PIH Information Center (IMS/PIC) with IMS/PIC-HIP, which encompasses the Housing Information Portal system as well. The notice also adds three new routine uses and a new collection authority. Read more


HUD Announces 2023 Secretary’s Award Winner for Excellence in Healthy Homes

Wisconsin’s Health Housing Initiatives Portfolio has won the 2023 HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Healthy Homes for its initiatives to decrease residential lead paint hazards and implement low-cost home modifications in homes with children. Read more



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