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Community Development and Housing News: September 5, 2023

HUD expands the eligible uses of EHV services fees, plans to obtain resident feedback on NSPIRE, and publishes a “Worst Case Housing Needs 2023” executive summary.

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PIH Issues Notice Expanding Uses of EHV Services Fee

Notice PIH 2023-23 amends the EHV operating requirements notice issued in May 2021 to add two new eligible activities EHV services fees can fund: rental arrears to private landlords for admission if the rental arrear is a barrier to leasing the EHV unit, and services that support EHV families in fulfilling their obligations under the program. Read more


HUD to Implement Survey to Gather Resident Feedback on NSPIRE

Notice PIH 2023-24 states that HUD will gather insights on customer experience with NSPIRE in order to incorporate resident feedback into the new inspection program. The survey, intended to quickly identify and address residents’ pain points about the inspection process, will be distributed to residents whose units are subject to REAC NSPIRE inspections. Read more


PD&R Publishes “Worst Case Housing Needs 2023” Executive Summary

HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research has published an executive summary highlighting the findings of the forthcoming “Worst Case Housing Needs: 2023 Report to Congress.” The report draws primarily on data from the 2021 American Housing Survey and finds increased worst case housing needs across demographics and regions throughout the United States. Read more


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