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Notice PIH 2013-03 extended until March 31, 2015

Yesterday afternoon HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) issued Notice PIH 2013-26 to extend for an additional year the temporary compliance provisions described in Notice PIH 2013-03.

As you recall, Notice PIH 2013-03 makes available to PHAs four temporary policy options intended to help them manage their public housing and housing choice voucher (HCV) programs more efficiently during a period of increased demand and reduced funding:

  • The option of using actual past income to determine the annual income of program participants
  • The option of allowing households with no more than $5,000 in assets to self-certify both to the value of the assets and to the income that the assets generate
  • The option of conducting streamlined annual reexaminations for elderly or disabled families on fixed incomes
  • The option of establishing, without HUD approval, exception payment standards of up to 120 percent of fair market rent (FMR) as a reasonable accommodation

Notice PIH 2013-03 was originally set to expire on March 31 next year. It will now remain effective until March 31, 2015. If your agency has not adopted any of the policy options yet but might now consider doing so, be sure to read Notice PIH 2013-03 carefully, particularly section 4, which describes adoption requirements. Be sure also to read PIH’s answers to frequently asked questions about the notice.

You'll find a full analysis of the pros and cons of the four options in NMA’s February/March 2013 “Housing Resource Newsletter,” which subscribers can locate in the PIH Alert archive.

For further guidance, the recent 2013 revisions of NMA’s model administrative plan and model ACOP include model policies for implementing #Notice PIH 2013-03. We can also come out to your agency and help you through a full admin plan or ACOP revision in just three days.

All of NMA's rent calculation classes, including HCV Rent Calculation, Public Housing Rent Calculation, HCV and Public Housing Rent Calculation, and Rent Calc II: Hands-on Workshop, have been completely updated for Notice PIH 2013-03.

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