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Achieving high performance in the HCV program: Tip #12

Posted by NMA on Jan 30, 2013 9:11:11 AM

Tip #12: Ensure adequate and capable supervision.

When PHAs promote from within, they usually select from those who have demonstrated high technical expertise and knowledge of the program rules, policies, and procedures. However, technical expertise doesn't always translate into success as a manager. The skills needed to be a successful supervisor are quite different than those required for the role of housing specialist or technician. (You'll find an excellent resource for accessing supervisory information and building your supervisory skills at; NMA also offers a supervisory management course.)

As supervisor, your role is to coach and mentor the team leader on how to create a corrective action plan and how to set up a coaching environment for the employees who need it the most. You should also check that the team leader has needed resources such as desk guides and training materials.

You may also want the quality control staff to become more involved with the individuals who have the highest error rates, which helps ensure that each person understands where and why they're making errors — and how to correct them. Remember, you can't expect what you don't inspect!

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While serving as executive director of a Minnesota housing authority, Nan McKay started one of the nation’s first Section 8 programs. The agency was subsequently honored with a HUD award as one of 13 outstanding Section 8 programs in the country.

Founder and president of Nan McKay and Associates, she has devoted the past two years to redesigning NMA’s HCV Executive Management course, as well as rewriting the HCV Executive Management Master Book with Bill Caltabiano. The tips and systems described above are thoroughly explored in both, with many forms available on a CD.

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