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Community Development and Housing News: January 23, 2023

HUD publishes a fact sheet on assistance animals, their revised labor standards handbook, and NOFOs for two housing safety grants.

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Assistance Animals and Fair Housing

HUD has posted to the HUD Exchange a fact sheet on housing requests for assistance animals. In addition to providing guidance to housing providers on addressing related reasonable accommodations requests, the resource provides persons with disabilities with information about their fair housing rights regarding assistance animals. Read article


HUD Issues Revised Handbook on Labor Standards in HUD Programs

HUD has issued a revised edition of Handbook 1344.1, Federal Labor Standards Requirements in HUD Programs. This new edition clarifies the responsibilities of Davis-Bacon Labor Standards (DBLS) staff vs. HUD program participants, updates and enhances policies and procedures concerning day-to-day program administration and enforcement, and streamlines DBLS administration and compliance review requirements. Read article


Notice of Funding Opportunity for Housing-Related Hazards and Lead-Based Paint

PHAs may apply by April 13, 2023 for grant money to evaluate and mitigate safety threats to public housing residents. Such threats include lead-based paint, carbon monoxide, mold, radon, fire, and asbestos. Read article


Notice of Funding Opportunity for Lead Hazard Reduction Grant

State and local governments may apply by March 14, 2023 for grant money for improving health and safety in privately owned, pre-1978 homes of low-income families, with the purpose of protecting children from lead poisoning. Read article


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