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PIH updates op sub tools, explains September and October obligations

This morning on the calendar year (CY) 2016 subsidy processing webpage, HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) posted several updated op sub tools as well as explanations of public housing operating subsidy obligations for September and October.

The revised materials include new versions of the CY 2016 HUD-52723 and HUD-52722 Excel op sub tools. Version 1.12 of the HUD-52723 and version 1.09 of the HUD-52722 are dated August 29, 2016. The accompanying technical notes were last updated on February 4, 2016 and have not been revised.

PIH has also posted an updated PDF tracking log of all new project requests submitted by field offices to the Financial Management Division (FMD). The document, with a revision date of August 29, now shows the funding status for 143 new projects. An 8-page guidance document on funding for new projects was issued last November. The log will be updated frequently, so PIH advises PHAs to check back often for the status of any pending requests.

Finally, PIH has posted a document explaining public housing operating subsidy obligations for September and October. The two most important details in the document are these:

  • The interim proration for September and October is 89.81 percent
  • Funding is expected to be made available in eLOCCS no later than August 30

Neither the September nor October obligation letters have yet been posted.

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