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PIH explains obligations for January, posts new 2015 op sub tools

In a document emailed Wednesday, HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) informed PHAs that funding for the first month of calendar year (CY) 2015 should be available in eLOCCS by January 1 at the latest. PIH based the first round of 2015 funding on 82.35 percent of estimated project eligibility levels for CY 2015. The email includes a couple of important messages for PHAs:

  • If the first round of funding exceeds a PHA’s estimate of actual eligibility, the PHA should “refrain from drawing any excess funds.”
  • If a PHA receives funding for a project ineligible for CY 2015 funding, the PHA should notify its HUD field office by January 7.

In a second email Wednesday, PIH announced that it has posted new versions of the HUD-52722 and -52723 Excel tools and updated user guides:

Because of issues users were experiencing with the initial version of the tools, new versions were posted to the op sub web site. These new versions appear to resolve issues for the vast majority of users that were having issues. Whether or not users were having issues with the version of the tools originally posted to our web site, we are asking that the current version of the tools (52723 Version 2.0, and 52722 Version 2.03) be submitted to field offices to avoid potential downstream issues. Given that PHAs have 16 business days to submit the tools (as compared to 14 business days last year), and the tools are about 80% prepopulated, we are not extending the timeline for making submissions at this time. However, we are holding that possibility open if a significant number of users continue to experience issues.

Below are links to the new versions and their accompanying user guides:

You’ll also find these links, along with related materials, on the CY 2015 subsidy processing page at the operating fund Web site.

Editor's note: We were unable to open the HUD-52723 Excel file.