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RAD: Post-Closing Operational Transition for PBV

Posted by NMA on Jun 24, 2016 10:43:22 AM

Jennifer Green of the Indianapolis Housing Agency, speaking on the RAD panel at The Housing Conference

With more than three decades of experience in affordable housing development, Cindi Herrera currently leads the Rental Assistance Demonstration team at NMA, completing relocation of nearly 4,000 households to date under the federal Uniform Relocation Act. She has served as an executive in various PHAs and as president and CEO of a large nonprofit affordable housing development and management company. Cindi will be presenting the following session at The Housing Conference in San Antonio this September.

Regulatory Knowledge for Smart Management

RAD: Post-Closing Operational Transition for PBV
Presenter, Cindi Herrera

Submitting an application to the Rental Assistance Demonstration and getting through a CHAP (commitment to enter into a housing assistance payments contract) is a long, arduous process. Now that you've been approved — or are waiting for approval — what's next? This session will focus on the operational tasks necessary to successfully complete the transition from public housing operating subsidy to project-based vouchers under RAD.

Participants will work through a checklist of post-closing procedures, including the process and timing for completing EOP (end of participation) in public housing, new admission and first recertification requirements for HCV, phase-in of rent increases, what to do when the tenant rent is greater than the contract rent, RAD rehab assistance payment procedures, capital and RHH fund budget revisions, transfer of public housing operating reserves, establishment of rehab and replacement reserves, tenant protection rights, accounting for HAP subsidy in year one, VMS reporting in year one, and more.

Register online or email for more information. Don't delay, less than a week left for early bird pricing! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve a free, one-hour Q&A session with one of our NMA experts before they're all gone.

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