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Take FSS and ROSS Programs to a New High

Patti Zatarain-Menard, the nation's foremost expert on family self-sufficiency, will be leading a session on FSS at The Housing Conference this year

In her capacity with the San Diego Housing Commission, Patti Zatarain-Menard designed, developed, and implemented one of the nation’s largest and most successful family self-sufficiency programs.

For the past two decades, she has worked with Nan McKay & Associates conducting training seminars nationally and undertaking consulting assignments on federally subsidized housing. You can read her five tips for a successful FSS program here. Patti will be presenting the following session at The Housing Conference this September in San Antonio, Texas.

Best Practices for Program Success

Take FSS and ROSS Programs to a New High
Presenter, Patti Zatarain-Menard

  • Improve the HCV and public housing bottom line with these two self-sufficiency programs
  • Reduce legal vulnerability by improving FSS and ROSS policies
  • Be ready for FSS and ROSS new program evaluation from HUD, coming in 2017—no more logic model!

In this interactive session, you'll learn how to calculate your likely return on investment in the FSS and ROSS programs with key, concrete steps. Patti Zatarain-Menard, the nation's foremost expert in FSS, will detail the policies needed to ensure high quality self-sufficiency services and reduce possible legal challenges. She will introduce, for the first time, HUD's proposed FSS and ROSS program evaluation—giving you the lead in self-sufficiency compliance and excellence for the FY 2017 rollout. Finally, she'll set all of this in a quick review of HUD's actual requirements for these programs, including a fast-paced Q&A to catch any concerns.

Patti will also be available for free one-on-one Q&A sessions at the The Housing Conference this September in San Antonio, Texas. Registered participants can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis now. Register online or email for more information.