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REAC posts draft dictionary for UPCS-V

The Oversight and Evaluation Division (OED) is currently revising HUD’s methods for overseeing inspections in the housing choice voucher (HCV) program. REAC plans to replace the current housing quality standards (HQS) with a new inspection protocol called UPCS-V (with the V signifying “voucher”), and has previously announced that a demonstration period for the new protocol would begin early this year.

As part of this process, REAC has posted a recently revised draft version of the UPCS-V Dictionary of Definitions. The dictionary lists each possible deficiency and levels of deficiency comprising the UPCS-V inspection standard based on five inspectable areas: unit, building systems, building exterior, common areas, and site. The dictionary also contains a separate section for health and safety deficiencies. While the UPCS-V Dictionary of Definitions will be the inspector’s primary resource in making deficiency decisions, REAC is careful to note in the document that the draft version should not be construed as the final UPCS-V standard.

As previously reported, REAC has already sent a letter requesting feedback from technical experts on a proposed list of UPCS-V deficiencies and defects, and has also stated that it intends to reach out to coordinate a technical forum discussion. In the meantime, questions or comments regarding UPCS-V should be directed to

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