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Hot Topics in Rent Calculation

Posted by BEMuser on Aug 13, 2015 9:17:59 AM
NMA trainer Adam Ensalaco specializes in making rent calculation easier to understand and clearing up common misconceptions about the process. He will be presenting the following session at the 2015 NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference.

Hands-on Learning for Active Solutions

Hot Topics in Rent Calculation
Presenter, Adam Ensalaco

The NMA trainers have scoured our inboxes for some of the most commonly asked follow-up questions from our beloved rent calculation students. If you haven't run into any of these gray areas yet, chances are you will soon. Don't miss out!

Topics will include: EID follow-up issues, verification of income, social security net vs. gross, and hardship exemption issues.

Adam and other industry experts will be available for limited free one-hour consulting sessions at the 2015 NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference. Registered participants can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis starting next week. Register online or email for more information.

Topics: EID, Rent Calculation, The Housing Conference

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