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PIH issues letter on admin fee study

Last week HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH) sent a letter to executive directors concerning the fee formula proposed in the April 8 HCV administrative fee study. The letter provides information on the impact of the proposed formula for each individual agency.

Attachments to the HUD letter compare administrative fees actually received by the agency to fees that would have been received under the new formula. The comparisons cover two time periods: July 2013 through June 2014, and calendar year 2014. The letter notes that the actual fees received for both time periods were prorated at 75 percent and 80 percent respectively. The attachment is provided for analysis and discussion, and should not be considered advance notice of actual fee calculations.

The letter also explains that HUD is developing a tool to enable PHAs to test different proration models and to make additional comparisons. The tool will be posted to HUD’s administrative fee study website.

In case you missed it, NMA vice president of finance Ray Adair is credited on page 4 of the report for his participation in the study as a member of the expert and industry technical group. You can read an executive summary of the report here and view an accompanying slide presentation here. The full report is here.