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HUD issues report to Congress on PNA rule

This week on the physical needs assessment (PNA) webpage, HUD posted a report to Congress on the status of the PNA proposed rule. As part of the fiscal year 2014 appropriations act, Congress directed HUD to “take every possible measure to ensure that any new reporting requirements associated with the PNA process do not increase administrative burden on PHAs.” HUD was also directed to report on measures taken to relieve such burdens.

The PNA proposed rule was published in July 2011. Due to funding constraints impacting PHAs, HUD has delayed implementation of the rule and publication of a final rule. This week’s report examines the challenges of implementing the rule for PHAs, and details steps HUD has taken to reduce the associated burden. The report also emphasizes that HUD considers the PNA a baseline management tool necessary for long-term strategic planning and preservation of the PHA inventory, while providing data required for HUD’s program oversight and risk management. The report concludes:

HUD shares Congress’s concern for the burdens PHAs face. HUD engaged PHAs directly regarding the PNA initiative and believes that every practical and reasonable step to reduce administrative burden on PHAs are incorporated. HUD believes its appropriate balancing of the burden with its responsibility for capital fund program oversight results in value to the taxpayer and to the PHAs. HUD believes it is necessary to implement the final PNA and energy audit rule to strengthen public housing. Further delay represents a significant lost opportunity.

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