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Achieving high performance in the HCV program: Tip #7

Posted by NMA on Jan 22, 2013 9:25:35 AM

Tip #7: Gather data using tools to clearly and quickly identify problem areas.

Performance measures should be created for all functional areas of the program from intake to finance, and these measures should tie back to the individual performance standards for each staff position performing that function. Managers should measure both the level of production (i.e., are deadlines met) and the quality and accuracy of the work performed.


The HCV manager must create tools and methods to track production. For example, the annual reexaminations to be completed each month can be projected on a spreadsheet by team and by individual for the entire year. By doing this, the manager can evaluate deficiencies in production or variances in caseloads each month and make any necessary adjustments. (See Tip #3.)

The status of all annual reexaminations should be checked on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The manager should gather and track data on progress made on the reexamination throughout the four-month reexamination cycle. The sooner that the manager is aware of a backlog of reexaminations, the sooner steps can be taken to correct it.

Staff should be required to complete a caseload status report if they're behind in their production. Daily, weekly, and monthly production charts will assist the manager in detecting a major problem before it may be too late to solve it.


If the files are completed on time, but they have errors, the reexamination was not a success. If the inspection was conducted on time, but HQS fail items were missed, then the inspection was not successful.

File reviews are essential to performance measurement because they provide quick access to maximum data. File reviews will help you to:

  • Evaluate the accuracy and timeliness of your housing specialists' work
  • Determine if required documents and documentation are present
  • Evaluate compliance with PHA policies

Files for this purpose include not only paper files but also automated 50058 records.

An annual reexamination housing specialist procedures checklist could be used for the level 1 and 2 file reviews noted above. The quality control staff may use a checklist that's part of an automated quality control program. Many PHAs use the HUD Tenant File Review Checklist, Appendix A, for this part of the quality control check. Some PHAs have rolled the results into a spreadsheet for analysis.

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While serving as executive director of a Minnesota housing authority, Nan McKay started one of the nation’s first Section 8 programs. The agency was subsequently honored with a HUD award as one of 13 outstanding Section 8 programs in the country.

Founder and president of Nan McKay and Associates, she has devoted the past two years to redesigning NMA’s HCV Executive Management course, as well as rewriting the HCV Executive Management Master Book with Bill Caltabiano. The tips and systems described above are thoroughly explored in both, with many forms available on a CD.

If you find that you need help with quality control, NMA can provide your agency with customized training and consulting, technology solutions, and more. Email for further assistance.

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