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Working together to make 2012 a great year for our industry

John McKayWelcome to the new NMA blog for 2012. We're launching our blog this year to make sure we're providing you with the latest changes and information, as well as addressing real issues PHAs are facing and sharing some of the solutions that have made a difference.

As you all know, the industry is currently in a cycle of large budget cuts. At NMA, we're working on improving what we offer, focusing on consulting and training that can make a real economic impact in your community. We're concentrating our consulting capabilities on program efficiency methodologies and best practices, as well as private sector techniques to run more efficiently.

In these times of layoffs, we're offering program management and onsite lease-up services to assist your agency. NMA staff can help do the work at a reasonable rate, whether that’s quality control, re-certifications, lease-ups, management, or any other operational activity. Our pool of experienced experts are here to guide your program operations to new heights of efficiency.

We're revamping our courses to include real-world scenarios and processes, ensuring that we're training on more than just the regulations. We've also lowered our prices and rates for 2012 to align with the budget decreases.

We look forward to continuing to be of service to you and your housing authority in 2012. Please check back regularly for the latest and greatest information in our industry. Make this year a great year for your housing authority and yourself.

John McKay has been with Nan McKay and Associates since 1998, and has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer since 2007. Connect with John on Facebook for the latest news from NMA. For more information about our program management services, email