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What's New in Fair Housing

Posted by NMA on Jul 6, 2017 12:26:30 PM

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Cara Gillette trains, consults, and provides technical assistance nationwide in fair housing, public housing management, hearings, economic self-sufficiency, and governing boards. Prior to joining NMA, she administered public housing and Section 8 waiting lists, served as hearing officer, managed public housing, and oversaw resident economic development programs at the San Diego Housing Commission. 

Terry Provance has been a trainer and consultant at Nan McKay and Associates since 1999. He recently took the lead role in creating and developing NMA’s public housing occupancy tracking tool, which can be used by any rental development, whether or not it’s HUD-assisted, including mixed finance and LIHTC properties. Together, Cara and Terry will be presenting the following session at The Housing Conference in Boston this August.

Regulatory Knowledge for Smart Management

What's New in Fair Housing

Cara Gillette
Terry Provance

Is your PHA behind on its fair housing obligations? Are you up on the latest? Join NMA’s Fair Housing session and we’ll walk through the latest topics in a practical way:

  • The most up-to-date fair housing news as of the date of The Housing Conference
  • Quid Pro Quo & Hostile Environment Harassment Final Rule - how to protect your PHA and practical strategies on handling these issues as they arise
  • Instituting Smoke-Free Public Housing Final Rule – we’ll discuss possible reasonable accommodation requests, and your responses, as you institute smoke-free public housing
  • Arrest Records & Criminal History (PIH Notice, FAQs, OGC Guidance) – what your PHA needs to do differently and how to think it through
  • Nuisance Ordinances & LEP OGC Memos – three steps to analyze claims
  • Final Rule on VAWA 2013 – lots of important changes – we’ll go through the new forms, including your emergency transfer plan


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