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Outsourcing: the foundation of success

Posted by NMA on Feb 22, 2012 3:49:58 PM

Dorian JenkinsThe  goal of a PHA is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to its clients. In doing so, the agency must align with HUD regulations and be certain that locally administered programs are efficient and effective.

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Topics: Budget Cuts, Customer Service, Mod Rehab, Operational Support, Outsourcing, PBV, Program Management, SEMAP

Customer service: what you can and can't control

Posted by NMA on Feb 17, 2012 11:01:22 AM

Bill CaltabianoDelivering excellent customer service from an organizational perspective takes vision, serious planning, and enduring intent. It requires agencies to rethink everything from how departments and staff positions are organized to manage the work, to the policies and procedures established for staff to use in making decisions that affect our customers. I won’t address those issues here, but I would like to offer a brief perspective on customer service at the personal level. You may not have any control over the organizational structure or policy development, but you can control the interest with which you do your job, your values and principles, and how you treat others.

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Topics: Customer Service, Inspections

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