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Community Development and Housing News: May 1, 2023

HUD opens applications for safety and security grant funding, posts an NSPIRE score calculator to help estimate results of an inspection under the new model, seeks public comment on possible changes to accessibility regulations, and posts their Q2 HCV Landlord Newsletter.

Recent News

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PIH Issues Guidance on Capital Fund Safety and Security Grants

Notice PIH 2023-10 provides guidance on emergency capital needs funding for necessary safety and security measures that address 1. crime- and drug-related activity or 2. a need for carbon monoxide, smoke, or heat alarms or detectors. Applications must include a thorough explanation of the health or safety threat at hand. Read notice


HUD Posts NSPIRE Score Calculator

A new score calculator helps estimate a potential NSPIRE score based on the types and locations of deficiencies identified during an NSPIRE inspection. HUD clarifies that this score only provides an estimate, as many factors will impact the actual score generated by a property inspection. The score calculator is available to download as an Excel document on NMA’s NSPIRE resource page. Download calculator


HUD Seeks Public Comment on Potential Changes to Regulation Requiring Accessibility and Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in HUD-Assisted Programs

HUD is considering revising Section 104 of the Rehabilitation Act to account for advances in accessible design, the use of websites and other technology, and auxiliary aids and services, as well as whether to adopt an updated federal accessibility standard. Comments are due by July 24, 2023. Read article



The most recent issue of HUD’s quarterly HCV Landlord Newsletter reports on an increase in HAP for 2023, the NSPIRE inspection model, the effect of emergency housing vouchers on private market housing, and landlord outreach symposia held in January. Read newsletter


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