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FAQ Friday: EIV Training Requirements

q-and-a-standard.jpgQUESTION     What are the requirements for training on the EIV system for newly-hired staff members? Is it true that they must receive EIV training within one week of their start date? I can’t find a reference for this.

ANSWER     It is not true that new hires must complete training on HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system within one week of employment. However, PHA staff must complete the training prior to accessing the EIV system itself or EIV printed reports.

The current reference is in Notice PIH 2017-12, Administrative Guidance for Effective and Mandated Use of the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System:

EIV System Training Information. As a condition of initial and continued access to the EIV System, HUD and PHA staff are required to complete Annual Security Awareness training and EIV system training (initial system training) and update (interim system changes) training when offered by HUD Headquarters (HHQ). This training requirement also applies to those individuals who will not access EIV, but will view or handle printed and/or electronic EIV data. Individuals who will view and/or handle printed EIV information are required to complete only annual Security Awareness training (EIV system training is optional for these individuals). EIV training provided by third parties (other than HUD Headquarters) does not fulfill the mandatory EIV training requirement.

EIV system users who need to complete EIV training may view EIV training webcasts at:

Note: Employees must complete the training prior to accessing the EIV system and/or printed EIV reports.

It should be noted that this guidance differs from that in the previous notice, PIH 2010-19. The older notice required EIV training to be completed by set dates depending on date of hire. It’s also important that two types of EIV training are required: initial system training and annual security training.

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