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Using the Cloud to Advance Your Agency Strategy

Posted by BEMuser on Aug 24, 2015 10:10:05 AM

HAI Group is a family of companies serving the public and affordable housing community, including HousingHub, HTVN, and Housing Systems Solutions. HAI Group will be presenting the following session at the 2015 NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference.

Executive Leadership for Performance Excellence

Using the Cloud to Advance Your Agency Strategy
Presenter, HAI Group

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has explicitly stated that government will shift to a "Cloud First" policy. In fact, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will be among the first departmental agencies to "get in the cloud." For public housing authorities, management is challenged to develop and execute strategies and capabilities that cope with shrinking funding and increased industry change, while still serving the core mission. The use of cloud technology can provide much-needed operational and financial agility for agencies to respond to future change and strategically deploy limited IT resources. This session will explore the strategic benefits of moving from an on-premise to a cloud-based model, and provide the critical questions needed to perform proper due diligence on cloud-based technology providers.

The conference will spotlight three tracks this year: an executive track, a regulatory track, and a hands-on track. Go here to view a list of the session descriptions that have been published so far.

Topics: HTVN, The Housing Conference

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