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PIH posts final eligibility report for 2014 op sub

HUD has posted a final eligibility report for calendar year 2014 public housing operating subsidies. The report, dated August 28, includes flat rent adjustments. It has been posted to the 2014 subsidy processing Web page. HUD posted a preliminary eligibility report without flat rent adjustments on August 21.

Today’s report includes the following note:

This report is based on HUD-52723 Operating Fund Calculation of Operating Subsidy forms submitted by PHAs through field offices and processed by FMD as of August 26, 2014. The 2014 operating fund appropriation required the program to take in consideration the impact of flat rent implementation in the current year. This report provides the project level eligibility after the flat rent adjustment. HUD estimated the flat rent impact to be $40 million. FMD has calculated a project flat rent adjustment by distributing the $40 million across projects based on each project's percent of the total 2014 program eligibility. Projects’ eligibility and flat rent adjustments are anticipated to fluctuate to a minor degree as a normal part of program closeout in September 2014. Please contact your field office if there are any questions or comments regarding this report.

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