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Partnership for Sustainable Communities issues report

Posted by BEMuser on Aug 7, 2014 12:29:55 PM

As you may recall, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in June 2009 that they were forming the interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities. In a news release today, HUD announced that the partnership has issued a report entitled “Five Years of Learning from Communities and Coordinating Federal Investments.”

"It's days like today when I'm especially proud to be part of the federal government."

The report leads off with an introduction to the partnership and a summary of its accomplishments since 2009. It then spotlights several community members explaining "what the partnership means to us":

  • Kalima Rose, Senior Director, PolicyLink Center for Infrastructure Equity
  • Megan McConville, Brett Schwartz, and Sara James, National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation
  • Kathy Nothstine, Program Director, National Association of Counties
  • Dexter Muller, Senior Vice President, Community Development, Greater Memphis Chamber
  • Nick Tilsen, Executive Director, Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation

The report concludes with a brief description of the partnership’s plans for next year and a map pinpointing all of the communities that have received funding through the partnership since 2009. You’ll find a link to the report on the home page of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

In related blog post today on “The HUDdle,” the director of HUD’s Office of Economic Resilience (OER), Harriet Tregoning, provides a more personal perspective on the new report, writing: "It's days like today when I'm especially proud to be part of the federal government."

If you missed NMA consultant Nate Paufve's recent series of articles about sustainable communities, read Part I and Part II online. Do you need help with PNA planning and energy audits? NMA can assist your agency with those and more. For details, contact

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