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How to Maximize Resources: Financial Management and Reporting

NMA vice president of finance Ray Adair has a wide range of experience in finance and accounting, both with private companies and government entities, and is considered one of the public housing industry’s leading experts in the areas of financial management and accounting for HUD’s public housing and HCV programs. Ray will be presenting the following sessions at the 2014 NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference.

Ensuring Compliance and Maximizing Financial Resources

HCV Program Financial Management Update
Presenter, Ray Adair

This session will cover the use of outside funds to augment HCV program funding, the new reporting requirements for interest earned on invested excess HAP funds and NRP funds, and the transition of NRP to HUD Held Programs Reserves.

Financial Data Schedule (FDS) Reporting Update
Presenter, Ray Adair

This session will cover the latest changes the REAC has made to the Financial Data Schedule (FDS), including new FDS Line Items and how they are used as well as the upload tool.

Capital Fund Program (CFP) Final Rule and Its Impact on Financial Management
Presenter, Ray Adair

This session will focus on how the capital fund final rule has impacted financial management and financial reporting of capital funds.

Our free one-on-one consulting sessions at the second annual NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference in Chicago are filling up fast! Ray is already fully booked, but other industry experts are still available, so sign up now and save your seat. Register online or email for more information.