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NMA now managing HCV programs in Louisiana and Kentucky

Posted by NMA on Sep 7, 2018 11:06:06 AM

Families participating in the housing choice voucher (HCV) program of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana will soon have a new program administrator. Nan McKay and Associates (NMA) will begin administering the Housing Authority of Jefferson Parish (HAJP)'s HCV program as of October 1, 2018. Jefferson Parish is the second largest parish in Louisiana, with a population of about half a million people.

On Monday, August 6, NMA also opened the doors and began administration of the HCV program for Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), a state housing finance agency that provides rental assistance throughout the state of Kentucky for low-income residents.

NMA, long known as the gold standard for performance excellence in the public housing and affordable housing industry, brings to Louisiana and Kentucky its four decades of experience providing professional services to housing authorities across the nation.

"We're extremely excited to provide the highest quality services for the people of Louisiana and Kentucky," stated John McKay, NMA's CEO. "We believe in partnering with agencies and their partners to serve families in need with outstanding customer service. Our commitment to the local community is to offer efficient, effective administration of the HCV program and an exceptional customer experience."

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NMA classes now updated for streamlining final rule

Posted by NMA on Mar 7, 2016 10:01:48 AM

govt-columns.jpgIn a press release last week, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a prepublication copy of the final rule streamlining administrative regulations for the housing choice voucher (HCV), project-based voucher (PBV), public housing, HOME, and multifamily (PBRA) housing programs. The streamlining final rule combines changes in the 2014 and 2015 appropriations acts, elements of HUD’s 2013 temporary compliance options, and other streamlining changes. It will become effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

In response to the publication of the 99-page final rule, which includes regulatory changes in 14 different topic areas, Nan McKay & Associates (NMA) is pleased to announce we have reviewed all our seminars and updated them with new guidance as needed.

HCV seminars updated for the streamlining final rule:

Public housing seminars updated for the streamlining final rule:

Multifamily seminars updated for the streamlining final rule:

The streamlining final rule also includes several new policy options. Our technical writers and subject matter experts are in the process of revising our model ACOP and model administrative plan to include language and guidance for these new options. We are expediting those revisions for our subscribers and will be issuing them as quickly as possible.

Finally, the rule includes significant changes to the earned income disallowance. Due to those changes, the NMA Earned Income Disallowance (EID) Kit is being pulled from our classes and online store as we update it to comply with the new regulations.

We recognize that this is all a lot of new information to absorb. Remember, we're here to help! If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team by emailing or calling us at (800) 783-3100.

Senior trainer Samantha Sowards has been a part of the NMA team since 2008. As NMA’s manager of curriculum development, Samantha oversees publications from concept and creation through the ongoing revision process, including NMA Master Books, model policies, and handbooks.

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Q&A: Underpaid subsidies due to PHA error

Posted by NMA on Feb 1, 2016 12:03:48 PM

underpaid subsidiesQUESTION    It’s recently come to my agency’s attention that some of our clients have been paying too much rent. This was due to a calculation glitch and applies to both public housing (PH) residents and participants in the housing choice voucher (HCV) program.

We’ve fixed the error, but what about subsidy underpayments for past months? The monthly underpayments are small amounts but the error existed for several years. Does the PHA have to repay these amounts to our clients? If the agency retains documents for three years, can we limit repayments to the three-year period?

ANSWER    While the HUD regulations do not address this issue, HUD has issued written guidance on the subject. The most recent guidance is in Notice PIH 2007-27, Disallowed Costs and Sanctions Resulting from On-Site Monitoring Reviews. Treatment of underpaid subsidies depends upon the program.

Here’s an excerpt from the section on underpaid subsidy due to PHA error in the HCV program:

PHAs will not be reimbursed for underpayment of subsidies. PHAs are required to reimburse families for overpayment of the total family share. Such reimbursements of the tenant portion of the rent can be made in current and future months through an increase in HAP to the landlord and a decrease in the family share until the family’s overpayment is fully compensated. A PHA may not use funds from its HAP account or HAP net restricted assets to directly reimburse families for overpayment of the total family share. If the family did not receive the full amount of utility reimbursement from the PHA, the PHA must reimburse the family.

Here’s the guidance for the PH program:

PHAs will not be reimbursed for underpayment of subsidies. PHAs are required to reimburse residents for overpayment of tenant rent in accordance with PHA policy.

Since the notice does not require a specific look-back period for reimbursement, it’s probably safe to limit repayment to the period for which the PHA has records. In the HCV program, records from interim and annual reexaminations must be retained for at least three years. In the PH program, record retention periods are determined by policy, and three years is a popular option.

We recommend reimbursing the family for the full period for which the PHA has records for that family, regardless of the agency’s record retention policy. For example, if the family was charged too much rent for seven years and the family’s file contains records for the last five years, reimbursement should be made for five years.

Is keeping up with reexams giving you a headache? NMA can help make the process painless. We'll handle your recertifications offsite, saving money for your agency while ensuring you’re still in compliance. It’s easy—the processing work simply happens in our offices instead of yours. Visit our website or email for more information.

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The top 10 blog posts of 2014

Posted by BEMuser on Dec 15, 2014 11:57:20 AM

Once again, as we head towards the end of the year, we look back to see which blog posts were the most popular. In 2014, the hot topic was the appropriations act and its related notices, which included the implementation of biennial inspections and new flat rent requirements.

  1. Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 NMA Housing Awards!
  2. PIH updates VAWA certification form

  3. How will the new flat rent regulations impact PHAs?

  4. HUD publishes HERA final rule

  5. PIH raises estimate of 2014 admin fee proration to 79%

  6. PIH issues guidance on new flat rent requirements

  7. HUD issues implementation notice for appropriations act changes

  8. Getting EID right

  9. NMA managing HCV program for Miami-Dade County

And the most-read blog post of the year:

  1. What does the deregulation of HQS inspections mean for our industry?

What topics would you like us to write about in 2015? Comment here with your ideas!

Previously: The top 10 blog posts of 2013

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Conference photos, Miami sunshine, and other NMA news

Posted by BEMuser on Aug 28, 2014 10:01:15 AM

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the NMA and GoSection8 Housing Conference last week in Chicago. To view a gallery of photos from the event, go here. I’d like to extend a warm thank-you to our generous sponsors, GoSection8, HAI Group and HousingHub, COTG, Aurico, and National Credit Reporting, who helped make the conference a truly special event.

It was a real pleasure to enjoy face-to-face conversations with so many enthusiastic and thoughtful members of our industry who appreciate the unique challenges and successes we all navigate, whether new to affordable housing or an old pro. I continue to be inspired by what you're doing to improve the lives of the families in your communities. For some more impressive achievements, go here to read about the honorees of the 2014 NMA Housing Awards.

It's been a while since I've written for the blog, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some news about what NMA has been up to over the past few months:

  • I've been spending much of my time at our Miami office, where we're managing the HCV program for Miami-Dade County's Public Housing and Community Development department.
  • We now have NMA Inspections contracts with agencies in 10 states. If you missed Michael Petragallo's recent article about the future of HQS inspections and the new deregulation options, read it here.
  • Our calendar of classes for the last quarter of 2014 has just been released. Get more details here.

Finally, if you missed the NMA Housing Conference, we'd love to say hi to you at another event! The NMA team will be attending the upcoming conferences for PHADA (September 7–9 in Washington, DC), AZ NAHRO (September 18 in Phoenix, AZ), and national NAHRO (October 16–18 in Baltimore, MD).

John McKay has been with NMA since 1998, and has served as chief executive officer of the company since 2007. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he was vice president of operations, spearheading the creation of the new consulting and technology services departments. This initiative introduced the first fully functional NMA Performance Portal to the affordable housing market.

Mr. McKay brings his knowledge of housing regulations and industry best practices into his role as project executive on many of NMA’s contracts with large housing authority clients and HUD. He has assessed, analyzed, and provided feedback to some of the country’s most well-run private and public organizations.

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