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Affordable housing news 9/16/16

Posted by NMA on Sep 16, 2016 4:26:55 PM

Boston Globe: Housing subsidies represent perhaps the country’s best shot at breaking intergenerational poverty

CityLab: The case for preservation instead of construction

CityLab: Most Americans are worried about losing their housing

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: How do U.S. renters fare compared to those around the world?

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: Older single women face greatest housing challenges

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: New data on incomes suggests growing demand for housing

Next City: What Texas ruling means for fair housing

Next City: Nashville affordable housing advocates score 2 victories

NLIHC: Congress debates stopgap funding to avoid government shutdown

NLIHC: U.S. ranks poorly in housing affordability among advanced countries

Rooflines: Why we need to invest greater resources into the role of residential property managers

San Francisco Chronicle (via Planetizen): Housing crisis linked to public health problems

Urban Wire: What new programs and policies should PHAs be testing?

Urban Wire: How MTW could teach us about the benefits and costs of car access

Urban Wire: How HUD and PHAs can support students

Urban Wire: To increase housing choice, try incentivizing landlords

Topics: appropriations, fair housing, government shutdown, MTW, Program News and Notices, seniors and elderly

Affordable housing news 8/19/16

Posted by NMA on Aug 19, 2016 3:10:05 PM

CBPP: Why HUD should move quickly to implement SAFMR expansion

CityLab: Can "gentefiers" evolve a neighborhood without displacing people?

Next City: Affordable housing gets 2016 presidential election bump

NHC: No time for nostalgia: Why both parties must focus on housing and opportunity

NLIHC: Housing advocates warn about impacts of a long-term continuing resolution

Rooflines: As affordability worsens, state and local governments act on their own

San Francisco Chronicle (via Planetizen): HUD rejects neighborhood housing preference

Washington Post: The moral dilemma of a housing lottery

Topics: appropriations, fair housing, FMR, Program News and Notices

Affordable housing news 5/27/16

Posted by NMA on May 27, 2016 1:24:41 PM

Boston Business Journal: Pilot program would help prevent residents of multifamily properties from being displaced from their homes

CBPP: Rental assistance to families with children at lowest point in decade

CityLab: Hourly wage needed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment is rising

NCSHA: House Appropriations Committee approves FY 2017 HUD funding bill

New York Review of Books: Why the very poor have become poorer

Next City: Opening up HUD's "Prosperity Playbook"

NLIHC: In no state, metropolitan area, or county in the United States can a full-time worker earning the prevailing minimum wage afford a modest 2-bedroom apartment

Wall Street Journal: No relief in sight for minimum-wage renters

Topics: appropriations, Program News and Notices

Affordable housing news 5/20/16

Posted by NMA on May 20, 2016 4:38:29 PM

Bipartisan Policy Center: Can Congress deliver appropriations bills on time?

CBPP: Helping ex-offenders get housing and health care

City Observatory (via Planetizen): Is supply finally coming to rescue the rental market?

CityLab: Which neighborhoods win by building affordable housing?

CSSP: Lessons from the intersection of housing, child welfare, and vulnerable families

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: Housing inadequacy remains a problem for the lowest-income renters

The HUDdle: Transforming lives with summer youth job opportunities

Los Angeles Times (via Planetizen): California's governor wants to make it easier to build affordable housing

NCSHA: Senate passes FY 2017 housing appropriations bill

New York Daily News (via CSSP): Gentrification is eroding the stability provided by housing choice vouchers

Next City: From a high of $4.4 billion in 1995, CDBGs for 2016 are budgeted at $3 billion

NHC: House appropriators release draft FY2017 THUD bill

NLIHC: 75% of extremely low-income renter households pay more than 50% of their income on rent and utilities

NLIHC: House panel advances FY17 THUD spending bill

NLIHC: Senate passes THUD bill, as advocates mobilize to defeat amendment attacking fair housing

Topics: appropriations, CDBG, criminal records, fair housing, Program News and Notices

Affordable housing news 5/6/16

Posted by NMA on May 6, 2016 4:00:18 PM

CBPP: Drop in veterans' homelessness highlights vouchers' effectiveness

CityLab: What does Beyonce's Lemonade video have to do with affordable housing?

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: Why does affordable housing need saving?

The HUDdle: Expanding the blueprint for prosperity

Mobility Lab (via Planetizen): Affordable housing and transit should go hand-in-hand

NLIHC: Senate consideration of THUD spending bill delayed

NLIHC: Federal housing assistance declines despite increase in need

NPR: Most social programs in America work like this: if you qualify for assistance, you get it—but not housing

Rooflines: Does screening for eviction records violate the Fair Housing Act?

Urban Institute: Do people in poverty create bad neighborhoods, or do bad neighborhoods cause people to be poorer?

Topics: appropriations, fair housing, Program News and Notices, veterans

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