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Housing and community news: Jan 26- Feb 1, 2019

Posted by NMA on Feb 1, 2019 3:12:13 PM

What we're reading now: the latest housing reports and analysis Letter to EDs details status of HCV program funding and PH Operating Fund

This morning the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a letter to Executive Directors providing information to PHAs on the status of Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program funding and the Public Housing Operating Fund under the current continuing resolution that runs through February 15. In terms of HCV funding:

  • March and April HAP renewal funding disbursements will be made on time, and HUD has sufficient funds to make funds available at a 99 percent proration of the PHA’s estimated CY 2019 HAP renewal allocation for both months
  • PHAs with HUD-held reserves will still be able to request additional funding from their available reserves if the HUD disbursement is insufficient to cover through April
  • HUD will make HAP and administrative fee disbursements for the Mainstream program for both March and April at the regular scheduled time
  • Regarding the use of outside sources of funds to support the HCV program, in situations where the availability of HCV and Mainstream funding could be at risk, HUD plans to provide additional guidance on the use of outside funds for HAP and admin fees, including modifications to the approval process, in order to help prevent terminations and so that essential PHA administrative responsibilities can continue

In terms of the Public Housing Operating Fund:

  • HUD will be providing Operating Funds at an 88 percent proration for March, April, and May based on a conservative estimate of funding needs
  • As HUD receives data from PHAs throughout the funding year, it will update funding eligibility, which could result in changes to individual project eligibility

The letter also assures PHAs that HUD understands that continuing resolutions create uncertainty, and that it is committed to reducing adverse impacts for PHAs and their programs.

In other news:

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