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Newly available: NMA's Model Tenant Selection Plan!

Posted by NMA on Feb 23, 2017 2:38:10 PM

affordable housing trainingWe're very excited to announce the debut of the NMA Model Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) and Guide! The model TSP joins our existing family of model policies, including the model administrative plan, the model ACOP, and the model FSS action plan.

In HUD's multifamily program, owners of project-based rental assistance (PBRA) projects are required to develop and make public a tenant selection plan (TSP) which contains each project's eligibility and admissions policies. Our new model TSP covers all required and recommended topics from HUD Handbook 4350.3, REV-1, CHG-4, as well as a guide to help with discretionary decisions.

The NMA model TSP also includes all the requirements of the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program found in Notice PIH 2012-32, REV-3. If your housing authority is converting to PBRA under RAD, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing our model tenant selection plan for two reasons. First, it's the only model TSP available that includes these required RAD policies. Second, as with our other policies, the model TSP offers a revision service option.

What does that mean? At least once a year, and more frequently if HUD releases major regulatory changes, the NMA team of subject matter experts updates our model policies so that you always have the most current and correct policies for your affordable housing program. We send you the revisions with with user-friendly instructions to help you insert them in your existing TSP as needed and provide any necessary guidance to assist you in discretionary areas.

If you'd like additional assistance, we can also provide on-site consulting with our policy experts. If you're transitioning from an ACOP to a TSP under RAD, this is an excellent way to ensure that your new policies are current and compliant. Your TSP needs to be ready to go immediately after the RAD conversion is finalized. Our team of experts can get you there! For more information, visit our website.

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